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Werewolves The Improv Show is a unique experience. It combines popular party games such as Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow, Mafia and The Resistance with improvised theatre. The result is a gripping show in which the players introduce the village and its residents. Everything seems to be going just fine until werewolves start killing the villagers one by one. The audience must stop them before it’s too late…
- Thursday May 10th at Festival Improvidence, Lyon (France)
- Saturday May 19th at The Amsterdam Improv Marathon, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
- Thursday June 14th at Finland International Improv Festival, Tampere (Finland)
- Wednesday November 7th at The Big If Barcelona (Spain)

The format was originally created by: Jacqueline Fleskens & Sytse Wilman



Website by Victor Romijn, artwork by Doris Bartels