Bart van Loon

Bart Van Loon is the most trustworthy, innocent, blameless inhabitant of the peaceful village of Leopoldsburg, Belgium. He has been improvising on stage and at the piano since 2005 when he stepped out of his background in scripted acting. He is part of The Bookends, a Greek-Belgian improv duo bringing improvised theatre shows around Europe, inspired on literature the audience loves.

Ben van Bokhoven

Years ago Ben started improvising in Amsterdam and one of the most memorable plays he did was a Werewolves Show. In a dark forest, full moon and ten terrific players we played open air werewolves! This great event is the mean reason he immediately wanted to join Werewolves The Improv Show when he was asked to join the cast. Ben is a celebrated improv teacher and a key member of the group Rocky Amaretto. He a physical player and most importantly:  a normal innocent habitant of Miller’s Hollow.

Ben Verhoeven

Ben Verhoeven is an honest villager of Antwerp, Belgium where he’s been performing improvised theatre since 2011. He’s currently part of two groups: Swaajp and Commotie. Ben might be the troubadour of Miller’s Hollow since he’s musically inclined and regularly plays percussion at improv shows as well. Little Girls need not be afraid of him. Even though he travels a lot, for example to international improv festivals, he sleeps steadily at night, even during a full moon.

Charlotte De Metsenaere

Charlotte De Metsenaere is a happy and innocent young lady, living in the beautiful township of Leuven, Belgium. Improvising since 2004, she recently started her own establishment called ‘Zeggedis’ to bring improvisation closer to the villagers. Active in different groups as a performer, a teacher and a director, there is no need to distrust her, for she sees and hears… everything. 

Han van der Ven

Jedidjah Julia Noomen

Jedidjah acted as the narrator for the very first Werewolves-show ever and has been narrating ever since, even though you can sometimes spot her as an extremely innocent villager in Miller’s Hollow as well. Back in her own city of Amsterdam, she’s a writer and (musical) theatre-professional, and, most importantly, not a werewolf. Jedidjah has been doing improv since 2004, currently with the One Trick Ponies. Also, she’s a vegetarian, which werewolves definitely are not, so…

Koen Wijfelaars

Koen Wijffelaars, a villager in the quaint town of Amsterdam has been active in the improv scene for years and is currently playing at Placebo (Placebo the improv group, not the band… nor the fake medicine lacking any pharmacological effect).The main reason he was asked to be part of the improv werewolves crew was a combination of his solid theatre skills and his stunningly glorious facial hair. Because let’s be honest, you can’t have werewolves without proper facial hair right? Did I mention it was stunningly glorious?

Marco Ruijsink

Marleen Kerkvliet

This charming villager is from the pittoresk city of Leiden and has been on stage since she was a little and innocent girl. She’s an all round improviser, physical and a bit explosive. She likes to share her darkest secrets with you. But beware, she may wants to know yours. She improvises with children in Hatseflats and with grown ups in Naaktgeboren and KABAM! And now she’s also a werewolve, I mean… a member of the Werewolves… dare to meet her?

Riemer de Jong

Riemer is a boy from the country. Because of this humble origin, his kind of almost-bluish eyes and the fact he is an actor means is absolutely trustworthy. The only reason you can see him wearing fur is because it’s cold in the North. Really! Not lying!

Rishi Panchasara

Sophie Van Den Eynden

Stephanie Heijtel

Stephanie lives an easy and peaceful life in the picturesque village of Amsterdam, where she works as an editor and performs at an improvgroup called Placebo. She’s a physical player and as innocent as the non-pharmaceutical medicine itself. She loves storytelling in all its forms and is as passionate about games in general as about unmasking werewolves specifically. She’s your best and most trustworthy ally in dark, dangerous nights, so don’t vote against her. Really. It’s for your own good.

Sytse Wilman

Sytse is one of the creators of the Werewolves format. He has performed in dozens of shows and taught workshops on it all over Holland and Belgium. Apart from that he became dutch national improv champion in 2014 by winning the annual Nederlands Theatersport Toernooi (NTT) and he worked behind the scenes  as a  teacher and coach for the improv TV show Alpacas. Currently he is a founding member of the improv squad Het Gevolg and needless to say he is as innocent as a new born baby, so don’t vote against him. Seriously, you would feel guilty for the rest of your life if you did.

Tom Citroen

Vincent van Nieuwenhuyze

The picturesque, medieval Ghent (Belgium) is Vincent’s village of origin. Shrouded in mystery, glam and smoky flamboyancy, this vocal stronghold will never be afraid of bursting out in song, even in the tightest of predicaments. Werewolves, witches, little girls, doctors, village drunks, all have come and gone during the six years he has been playing improv. His next stop is Miller’s Hollow where he’s sure #fancyasfuck adventures await him.