Werewolves The Improv Show is an improv format based on the popular partygame The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow. It’s a challenging and interactive longform, created by the dutch improvisors Jacqueline Fleskens and Sytse Wilman. The format was an instant favourite of the audience, drawing fans of both the game as improvised theatre.

For the players it provides a structure for the narrative of the people in the village. They build up the atmosphere of the game and also the different locations in the village. Like in the game, they all have a secret role. The werewolves kill off the villagers one by one. Only the audience can save them…

Sytse has played and hosted dozens of shows and taught workshops all over the country. And now we are ready to bring Werewolves to improv groups across the border!

Are you interested in booking a show or workshop? Please send an email to: sytsewilman<at>yahoo<dot>com


Here’s what Ben Verhoeven from the Belgian improv group Swaajp has to say about the workshop and show:

“The combination of having a Werewolves format workshop and a show immediately afterwards works surprisingly well, as the format provides a great framework for story lines to converge to the main focus, which makes it a very suitable format for both less experienced players and professionals. On the condition of course that it is led by an experienced narrator, such as Sytse. In just a few hours he will craft any group of improv players into a crowd of villagers of Miller’s Hollow ready to take on the werewolves amongst themselves. A thrilling experience for audience and performers alike, Werewolves is thé longform improv format for larger groups of players.”

(Ben Verhoeven, Anwerp)

Need more people to ask their experience? Feel free to ask, we can hook you up with groups who have had workshops and/or played the format.

In theatres or outdoors

The show is mostly played in a theatre. But on occasion, it’s been played on location as well. This video (in Dutch) gives an impression of a performance bij the Amsterdam-based group Placebo, that played it in the open air:


About the teacher

Most workshops are taught by Sytse Wilman. He’s an Amsterdam-based improvisor, making up stuff on stage since 2005. He’s been a cast member of the squad Placebo  for 10 years and has pleaed dozens of formats and styles there. Classics like Theatresports, The Harrold and the Super scene, but also new, experimental or homemade ones like an improvised version of The Office, 100% improv, The TV Night, Nachtgasten and many, many more. In 2015 Sytse made it to the finals of the national Maestro Tournament. Sytse became Dutch national champion in Theatersports (or actually, a slight variation of it) in 2014 with his squad De Vereeniging, by winning the biggest competitive improv event of The Netherlands and Belgium. (You can see us doing a scene here).

Sytse has been teaching classes and groups since 2009. He’s a regular teacher at CREA, the cultural institution of the university of Amsterdam) and the Haarlem-based group TarTrek. He’s been a teacher for many other groups in (and sometimes outside) the area. Apart from that, Sytse is a trainer, facilitator, host and performer for schools, institutions and companies (for an almost complete list, click here). In 2015 he also trained and coached the cast of the Dutch improv TV-show ALPACAS.

Any questions left? Just send an email and ask away!